Welcome to SIFA!

We strive to work on various projects to help increase global and cultural awareness in the local area.

We support the citizen’s international exchange activities, encourage people to become actively involved in the global community and provide assistance to foreigners living in the local area.

What’s New

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    Promote international exchange activities and support SIFA’s programs by becoming a supporting member

    SIFA Times


    A bulletin magazine that lists events, announcements and SIFA related information. There are also details about activities from International Exchange Organisations and multi-language information to help foreign residents. (Published four times a year)

    SIFA Japanese Classes


    Learn how to read and write Japanese as well as conversational language used in daily life

    Halo-Halo SQUARE


    An after school program for students with foreign roots

    Koala Club


    A place where foreign parents can come to play with their young children


    Suita International Friendship Association (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)

    Senri Newtown Plaza 6F, 1-2-1 Tsukumodai, Suita City

    TEL: 06-6835-1192
    FAX: 06-6835-6420
    E-mail: info@suita-sifa.org

    ※Next to Minami-senri Station on the Hankyu Senri Line