CARES CAFE ‘Warashibe Chōja’ JULY “日本公司对外国人的期望”

CARES CAFE ‘Warashibe Chōja’ JULY “What Japanese Companies Look for in Foreign Employees”


CARES CAFE is an event where International students and various kinds of local people can communicate and share their ideas with each other.

In July, we will be talking about “ Japanese Companies ”. The manager of a Japanese company will talk about the things that companies expect of foreign employees, what you should know before employment, and useful advice about finding a job in Japan. You can also learn about and experience new employee training.

There will also be free “legal consultation”. If you have any queries, please join this event.


Date :  Monday, July 8th


Where :  SIFA(Senri Newtown Plaza 6F)

Application :  Please send an e-mail to

        with your:

                Name, Gender, Nationality, Phone number

Also, please let us know if there is any area of discussion that interests you.


Apply before : Wednesday, July 3rd(legal consultation)

Cost :  Free  

※If you require a legal consultation, please let us know your query briefly in advance.

Consultations will be limited to 2 people. We can not give consultations regarding tax, criminal offences, and accidents under current trial.


Lecturer:Mr.Hayato Mori – Chief Operating Officer of MORI KOSAN CO.Ltd

Legal Consultation : Kansai University Legal Student Volunteers and its graduate lawyers



Flyer: PDF

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