CARES CAFE「わらしべ長者(ちょうじゃ)」10月

件名:2018.9.12  CARES CAFE「わらしべ長者(ちょうじゃ)」10月




CARES CAFE「わらしべ長者(ちょうじゃ)」10月


CARES CAFE は、留学生(りゅうがくせい)・元(もと)留学生があつまって、地域(ちいき)のさまざまな人(ひと)たちと交流(こうりゅう)するイベントです。




◆いつ:10月15日(月) 18:30~20:30








CARES CAFE “Warashibe Chōja” October


CARES CAFE is an event where International students and various kinds of local people can communicate and share their ideas with each other.

Let’s have drinks and snacks together!

In October, we will be giving “Advice about working in a Japanese company”

Advice will be given by past international students from Japanese universities, now working for Japanese companies.

There will also be free “legal consultation”. If you have any queries, please join this event.

◆Date: Monday, October 15th 6:30-8:30pm

◆Where: SIFA(Senri Newtown Plaza 6F)

◆Application: Please send an e-mail to

with your:Name, Gender, Nationality, Phone number

◆Apply before: Wednesday, October 10th

◆Cost: Free


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