Free “Legal Consultation”  for foreign residents Feb.18

Free “Legal Consultation”  for foreign residents

    Date: February 18 2019 (Monday)  Time18:00 -20:00

    Place: Suita International Friendship Association (SIFA)

    Access: Next to Minami-Senri Station (Hankyu Senri Line)

Consultation by: Kansai University Legal Student Volunteers and its graduate lawyers.

If you have any queries, please join this event.

Application: Please send an e-mail to


Please tell me the name, gender, nationality, address, phone number, consultation summary.

The deadline for application : February 15 Friday.

If you need an interpreter, please write “interpretation necessary” by February 12.

* We can not consult about crimes or cases currently being tried or introduce lawyers.

Participation fee : Free


Suita International Friendship Association

1-2-1 Tsukumodai, Suita 6F of Senri Newtown Plaza

Tel:06-6835-1192 Fax:06-6835-6420 


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