Volunteer interpreters for administrative procedures

Volunteer interpreters for administrative procedures are available for your assistance. ~Available from July 2018~

If you require any interpretation for administrative procedures or consultations at the City Offices or such, SIFA’s volunteer interpreters are available to assist you.

●Available at: Suita City Office and branches (Yamada, Senrioka and Senri), Suita Municipal Health Center, Suita Municipal Kindergartens, Preschools, Elementary Schools and Middle Schools, Suita Municipal Board of Education, other public facilities in Suita (such as libraries, community centers, gymnasiums) etc.

●Available for: Various procedures, explanations and consultations/ counseling at the above facilities.
※Interpreters are not available for hospitals and school classes.

●Languages available: English, Chinese and Korean

●Cost: Free

●How to apply: Make a reservation at the place where you will require an interpreter at least 5 days before your actual visit.