For Foreign Moms and Dads ~Bringing up Children Together~ “Koala Club”(2018-2019)

Koala-club is a place where foreign parents can come to play with their young children.
Everyone there can have fun playing together and talking with each other too!
We hope that parents and their children can make many friends at Koala Club, so if you have some time please feel free to come and visit!


1st June (Fri)
★5th July (Thu)
7th September (Fri)
19th October (Fri)
7th December (Fri)
1st February 2019 (Fri)

Time: 10:00 – 11:30

Suita International Friendship Association (SIFA)
Senri Newtown Plaza (6F)
(Hankyu Senri Line – Minami-senri Station)
★On this day, we will go to `Nobi nobi kosodate Plaza`
(Which is close to Hankyu Yamada station)

Foreign parents with their children and pregnant women

Participation Fee: Free

To Apply: Please contact SIFA

Flyer: PDF