SIFA International Understanding Program for Kids

Would you like to promote about your country
at elementary schools in Japan?


     To introduce the language and culture of your country.

The presentation is to be given in Japanese. You will be accompanied and supported by a member of the SIFA staff. A meeting will be held before the presentation to brief and prepare.

1.Register by sending an e-mail with the information below.

2.SIFA will inform you of the date and time. You will be sent an E-mail.

  1. Please reply to the email to confirm your availability.
  2. Discuss details of the presentation with SIFA.
  3. Prepare for the presentation.
  4. Go to present at the school on the decided day with a SIFA staff member.


Application / Cancellation

Send an e-mail to SIFA ( with the following information:

Your: Name,Sex,Telephone No,E-mail,Nationality,Native Language,Arrival year in Japan,Period of Stay,Occupation or School Name.

If you wish to quit or cancel your application, inform SIFA by phone or E-mail.

※ Your personal information will be used by SIFA only for this purpose and will not be distributed.

【Flyer: PDF】

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