CARES CAFE ‘Warashibe Chōja’ 6월 “일본에서의 생활에 대하여”

CARES CAFE ‘Warashibe Chōja’ 6월 “일본에서의 생활에 대하여”

CARES CAFE わらしべ長者6月「日本(にほん)の生活(せいかつ)について」


CARES CAFE は、留学生(りゅうがくせい)・元(もと)留学生があつまって、地域(ちいき)のさまざまな人(ひと)たちと交流(こうりゅう)するイベントです。






い   つ : 6月17日(月)  18:30~20:30

ど こ で : SIFA (千里(せんり)ニュータウンプラザ6F)




しめきり  : 6月12日(水)

さんかひ : いりません

協力:公益財団法人 大阪府国際交流財団




CARES CAFE ‘Warashibe Chōja’ JUNE “Living in Japan”


CARES CAFE is an event where International students and various kinds of local people can communicate and share their ideas with each other.

In June, we will be giving “Living in Japan”.

Advice about the troubles/ problems that foreigners may face while living in Japan will be given by an adviser along with past international students from Japanese universities.

Please join the discussion if you have any queries.

Let’s discuss while having drinks and snacks together!


Date :  Monday, June 17th


Where :  SIFA(Senri Newtown Plaza 6F)

Application :  Please send an e-mail to

        with your:

                Name, Gender, Nationality, Phone number

Also, please let us know what problems/advice

you wish to discuss in the email.


Apply before : Wednesday, June 12th

Cost :  Free  

Consultation by: Osaka Foundation of International Exchange


Flyer: PDF


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